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Our Story

Our Story


Our Mission

To spend the next 2 years saving, researching, learning and up-skilling to become as self sustainable as possible. The ultimate goal is to rebuild our very own sail yacht. Helping to develop and put to the test sustainable and eco friendly technologies as we do so, eventually living aboard and sailing to the far reaches of the globe. All the while bringing you epic content to fuel your travel passion. Most importantly we want to tell peoples stories to promote innovation, sustainability projects and to raise awareness of our environment and our global home.   

about us


Hey, I'm Willow! I was born and raised in Toronto. After graduating high school I went to Uni and completed a business degree. I always had the feeling that something was missing and that I wasn't where I was supposed to be. I could never shake it, so the day of my last exam I booked a one way ticket out of the country. I ended up traveling for 7 months through Greece, Italy, France, Dubai and South Africa. Along the way I heard about the world of yachting and all that came with it so I booked a ticket to Florida. This is where I found my first stewardess job. It has now been 2 and a half years with travel and adventure being my new norm. When people used to ask "What will you do when you leave yachting? What's the next step? I never really had an answer. That was until I met my soul mate, someone with a dream as crazy as mine and an imagination just as wild. Together we are now building our day dream into a reality. I hope you guys enjoy the ride :) Also, I love dogs.


Whats up! I'm Nick. Originally from a tiny coastal town called Te Araroa on the East Cape of New Zealand's North Island (don't worry, no one else has ever heard of it either). This is where my love of the outdoors began. So much so that I found it hard to stay in a class room and at 16 I decided to go out and make my mark on the world. I moved to the South Island to complete a carpentry apprenticeship, discovering I had an amazing Alpine playground in my back yard. This moved my focus from the sea to the mountains and I developed a love for Alpine environments. Eventually completing my qualification, I moved on with a 4 month trip through India, Nepal and Cambodia. Once again my eyes were opened to a whole new world. One of travel, different cultures and far off exotic destinations. I returned home vowing to find a way to facilitate this new obsession. The Yachting industry seemed to be the perfect fit. With my carpentry background and keen interest in all things mechanical I soon found myself on the Italian Riviera re-building a classic yacht. Little did I know my world was about to change again.



The more we talked the more our shared passion for travel, adventure and exploration ignited a dream to change our lives from traveling to work to traveling to live.