But how do we get there? London to Mongolia and everything in between


So the stage is set..

London to Mongolia in a farcicaly small car.


Now comes the time to decide how to actually get there. My preferred option would be to get in the car, point it in Mongolia's general direction and have a stab. Unfortunately there are these little things called Visas and customs and Border control so its going to require a little more planning then that.

route picture.png

The Route

The meat in the middle 


Starting in London (unofficially) we will be joining a team of fellow rally'ers driving through the spiritual homeland of beer, Belgium and Germany. From there we will hit the rally's official starting line in Prague. 

It is then on to Austria and Bulgaria entering Turkey and leaving Europe behind. From here we aim at the Caspian sea with a little dog leg through Georgia. Once we've done a Moses and parted the sea with our mighty chariot we roll on through the Stans in to Russia. Here we meet the name sake of the rally and enter the fabled steppes of Mongolia before dipping back over the border to finish up in Ulan Ude, Russia.



The bain of my existence 


As with any endeavour of this magnitude there is a certain amount of admin involved. Principally in this case Visas. Fortunately the adventurists have thought of this and provide a service called the visa machine, which if you are in my position (working on a Yacht operating internationally) has proved invaluable. Even with their help though the fact that i cannot be physically separated with my passport has meant that i've had to apply for a restricted additional passport. Holding a New Zealand passport though has been a godsend as of the 20 countries we will be heading through, I require a physical visa for only 3 of them (Russia, Uzbekistan and Mongolia). Even this though will be a juggling act to pull off.


The next step..

Our Chariot Awaits.. Somewhere on Autotrader UK. Stay tuned to find what our weapon of choice will be..


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