Find out more about Team Far East & The Mongol Rally





Things are starting to heat up with the Rally drawing closer by the day!! The planning stage is in full swing with visa issues and route planning coming out our ears. We do however have a few exciting things lined up for the next few months.

For all my yachting friends out there! keep an eye on Dockwalk's website for yours truly and in the April issue where they will be running a story on Team Far East and our Mongol Rally fundraising effort! Big thanks to Dockwalks managing editor Laura Dunn for setting that up! If you haven't seen it yet click on the link and go check it out here!

Next up, in early April I will be Joining Paul Shaw the host of the Shaw Results podcast together with Jessie Rudd, the development and communications manager of our charity of choice Surf-Aid!! This is something I am super excited about, to be able to have a conversation with someone who has been so successful in creating a massive amount of positive change through working with this charity. So please stay tuned for more info on what promises to be an insightful and interesting conversation on how to build momentum towards positive change in your life and for others. All mingled in with a rather large slice of adventure, risk and maybe a little recklessness  

Click here to check out an Infograph with all the info on the Mongol Rally and amazing charities we are working with! 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Mongol News and dates for the Podcast! and as always please share!! 


Nicholas Kerr