Official registration is in and team Far East will be crossing 2 contents on an overland adventure from London to Mongolia.

"The world is just a little bit too safe. Gone are the days where the edge of the map called you forth to discover what lay beyond – satellite maps and GPS have it laid out before you leave the armchair. What if you want things to go wrong? What if you want a bit of unknown in a world full of health and safety measures? What if the words “adventure travel” conjure images of old ladies on a guided tour to Everest base camp with all the danger and real adventure neatly removed? What you need is the Mongol Rally."

-The Adventurists


All of this, in a car under 1000cc. We will venture forth in the name of charity! namely the Cool Earth and Surf-Aid organisations. Both organisations reach a grass roots level and support struggling communities in critical areas. The prevention of de-forestation is a prominent goal for Cool Earth while sustainability is a shared philosophy of both organisations. We will be joined by a friend, Yvette Shaw also from Nick's home town in Gisborne and together we will be tackling this immense challange!